Public Administration Programs in Delaware

Here is a quick list of Delaware MPA Programs:
  • Strayer University-Delaware: Master of Public Administration (MPA)
  • University of Delaware: MPA
  • Wilmington University: MSM with a Concentration in Public Administration
Click here to jump to the full list. There are a number of online MPA degrees you might also consider. Below are a few online programs currently accepting applicants.

Consider a Featured Online MPA Program

Once you have made the decision to approach a career in the field of public administration, you should look into reliable MPA programs within your state.

Students that are considering this field in the state of Delaware can choose from several universities offering MPA programs: Strayer University, the University of Delaware, and Wilmington University.

Each of these schools can provide you with the opportunity to enroll in and complete a MPA program suitable for upcoming public professionals. Popular cities for incoming students include Newark and New Castle, making this educational opportunity convenient for a wide range of students throughout the state.

If you would like to learn more about the different types of programs and the specifications that can lead you into a fruitful career, read more in the guide provided by our team of educational experts below.

Choosing the MPA for your education can be a great way to showcase your expertise to different employers in the field. The MPA alone can highlight your skills in public policy and management, making you a great candidate for diverse positions in the public realm.

If you live in Delaware and have more specific career desires, you might benefit more from choosing a specialization to accompany your MPA program. The universities currently offering MPA programs in this state have specializations such as Public Policy and Management, Emergency Management, and Nonprofit and Community Leadership for you to choose from. Each of these options could provide you with dense information regarding each position and what is required of professionals in the field.

Online MPA Programs in Delaware

Online MPA programs may be quickly becoming the go-to educational preference for upcoming public professionals in the field. These programs can allow you to explore what public administration has to offer without having to cut down your hours at work or time with your family. The online MPA in Delaware was designed to be a more convenient alternative to traditional educational programs, so that more students could take part in higher degree programs all over the state. Universities offering this degree online can be found in the state of Delaware, making this a great place to be a student interested in the field of public administration overall.

If high quality educational programs is what you desire, you should always ensure that your program has received the proper type of accreditation for your field. Online MPA programs should hold the seal from the NASPAA, since it is the leading accreditation agency for public administration degree programs at this level. There is currently 1 university and program that holds NASPAA accreditation within this state.

The University of Delaware’s Online MPA

The University of Delaware’s online MPA program consists of topics and exercises that are relevant to future professionals in this field. This programs is regularly reviewed by the NASPAA to ensure that it remains current on the requirements for accreditation and continually provides students with the knowledge that can help them successfully progress in their field. As you take the plunge into higher education in the state of Delaware, you should stay on top of the accreditation requirements and the accreditation status of your program throughout the process.

Public Administration Programs Currently Accepting Applicants

List of Public Administration Programs in Delaware

Strayer University-Delaware

Master of Public Administration (MPA)
Newark | MSCHE Accredited | Website

The MPA program at Strayer - Wilmington offers courses online, on campus or both. Students gain knowledge in the nonprofit and government fields.

University of Delaware

Newark | NASPAA | MSCHE Accredited | Website

?The Master of Public Administration at the University of Delaware offers professionals a program of leadership and management learning. Concentrations are available in: Public Policy & Management, Nonprofit & Community Leadership, Emergency Management, and Student-Designed Specialization.

Wilmington University

MSM with a Concentration in Public Administration
New Castle | MSCHE Accredited | Website

The MSM with a Concentration in Public Administration at Wilmington teaches decision making abilities in public policy and administration. The main, and only, concentration is Public Administration.