Master of Public Administration Programs in DC

In Washington D.C., students can seek out online MPA programs that offer specializations in many different areas, many of which can apply to management, healthcare and even policy research.

Online MPA degrees seek to give students the extra knowledge and experience required to take on higher tier positions in the public domain.

Consider a featured online MPA that is currently taking applications:

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Here is a quick list of DC MPA Programs:
  • American University: Master of Public Administration (MPA)
  • George Washington University: Master of Public Administration (MPA)
  • Howard University: Master of Arts in Public Administration (MAPA)
  • Strayer University-District of Columbia: Master of Public Administration (MPA)
  • Strayer University-Global Region: Master of Public Administration (MPA)

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If you were to be given an opportunity to engage in a diverse and reliable degree program, would you take advantage of it? Most students interested in pursuing a master's degree are often looking for something that can help exhibit their skills as a professional and give them specialized practice within a certain area.

Best DC MPA Programs - Online and Campus

University / School Online Program Admissions
Johns Hopkins University AAP
MA in Non-Governmental Organization Management Website
Aurora University
Online MPA (one year) Website
Lindenwood University
Master of Public Administration Website
University of Delaware
Master of Public Administration Website
Anna Maria College
Master of Public Administration Website

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American University

Master of Public Administration (MPA)
Washington | NASPAA | MSCHE Accredited | Website

Multiple areas of concentration for their MPA, including Nonprofit Management, International Management, Public Management, State and Local Administration, Public Financial Management, Policy Analysis, Policy and Management, and Applied Politics. Some Concentrations even have sub-concentration fields that are more specific.

George Washington University

Master of Public Administration (MPA)
Washington | MSCHE Accredited | Website

The MPA program at GW University is designed for students pursuing careers in public service. This degree program offers students eight primary fields of study including: Budget and Public Finance, Federal Policy, Politics and Management, Homeland Security and Emergency Management, International Development Management, Managing State and Local Governments, Nonprofit Management, Policy Analysis and Evaluation and Public-Private Policy and Management.

Howard University

Master of Arts in Public Administration (MAPA)
Washington | MSCHE Accredited | Website

HU offers a Master of Arts in Public Administration to those with backgrounds in political science, public administration or economics. Students are offered the following concentration areas: Public Administration, Public Policy Analysis and International Development.

Strayer University-District of Columbia

Master of Public Administration (MPA)
Washington | MSCHE Accredited | Website

The MPA program at Strayer - Washington offers courses online, on campus or both. Students gain knowledge in the nonprofit and government fields.

Strayer University-Global Region

Master of Public Administration (MPA)
Washington | MSCHE Accredited | Website

Trinity Washington University

M.S.A. (Master of Science in Administration)
Washington | MSCHE Accredited | Website

Trinity College in Washington provides an M.S.A. for students pursuing leadership skills in government, public and non-profit organizations. Concentration areas include: Federal Program Management, Human Resource Management, Nonprofit Management, Organizational Development, and Public & Community Health.

University of the District of Columbia

Washington | MSCHE Accredited | Website

UDC's MPA degree program prepares students for leadership roles in government and nonprofit sectors. Students can specialize in Nonprofit Management and Leadership.

Overview of MPA Public Administration Degrees in Washington DC

The online MPA program may be one of the most preferred degree programs for people interested in making a difference in society. Unlike career fields such as social work or applied healthcare, public administration is more focused on the quality of service and programs provided to the public.

Obtaining a degree in this field could possibly result in professionals obtaining positions in law enforcement, local government or even nonprofit management. Each of these career fields can potentially help to increase the type of services that are provided to the public, which could lead to a more effective community as a whole.

If you live in Washington D.C., you should seek out degree programs offering online options in your area. One of the most important aspects of an online degree program is its accreditation, which can be verified through the NASPAA.

The NASPAA organization provides accreditation to colleges offering programs in public administration and can help to ensure that the degree programs consist of ample information and coursework for the stated major. As you search for a great fitting program, you should always consider accreditation a high priority.

Online MPA Programs in Washington DC

Online MPA programs in Washington D.C. can come in many shapes and sizes. If you are aware of your desire to work in public administration, you should consider taking on specializations that can cater to your skills as a professional. In the section below, you can read about a couple of specialization options that may be popular with upcoming public administration students.

  • Management: Whether it be on the government, local or nonprofit level, management may be one of the most important aspects of public administration. Through specializations in management, students can learn about the financial needs of organization, human resources and personnel management that is included within this career field. Graduating in this concentration can help students obtain higher level positions within many diverse public service agencies.
  • Policy Development: Services and programs are not the only important part of public administration. Underneath what is visible, public service agencies often operate according to pre-determined policies and regulations regarding their services. Professionals that are knowledgeable about these policies and why they are in place may be important to the improvement of these regulations over time. During your degree program, you can choose to be a specialist within public administration policy development or research.