Master of Public Administration Programs in Louisiana

When you are searching for a degree program that can set you on track for the career you desire in Louisiana, there are many factors that you should consider. If you know that you have the desire to lead others, make effective decisions to increase the quality of life within your area, or simply want to make a change to public policies that affect individuals and families, the MPA program may be the right choice for you.

In Louisiana, students can choose from 6 universities offering the MPA to enroll in. Some of the most concentrated cities for MPA learners are Baton Rouge, New Orleans, and Grambling. Each of these cities contain colleges such as the University of Louisiana, Grambling State University, and Louisiana State University.

Enrollment into a MPA program at one of these schools can help you prepare for a career assisting the people in your state.

Here is a quick list of Louisiana MPA Programs:
  • Grambling State University: Master of Public Administration (MPA)
  • Louisiana State University: Master of Public Administration (MPA)
  • Southern University and A&M College: Master of Public Administration (MPA)
  • University of Louisiana at Monroe: Master of Public Administration
  • University of New Orleans: Master of Public Administration (MPA)
Click here to jump to the full list. There are a number of online MPA degrees you might also consider. Below are a few online programs currently accepting applicants.

Consider a Featured Online MPA Program


Students often entering into master's programs with aspirations to affect certain groups within their communities. In order to better fit the qualifications for specific careers in the field, students can add a specialization to their degree program to learn more about these specific groups or sectors that they have chosen to be involved with.

Specialization options currently offered at different universities include Public Budgeting, Organizational Analysis, and Health Services Administration. Choosing any of these programs can set you on track for diverse careers in your community.

Online MPA Programs in Louisiana

With the age of technology upon you, you can become eligible for convenient options when pursuing a college degree. Master's-level learners that are seeking ways to complete their degree without too much interruption within their personal and professional lives can consider online MPA programs currently being provided by universities in the state of Louisiana.

Online MPA programs can mean more time for work or personal responsibilities while learning, as well as a cut-down on the costs of traveling to school for classes or student housing. Some online MPA programs also offer the students the option of logging in at any time of day, which can be excellent for busy professionals on the hunt for promotional opportunities.

One of the most important considerations for you to ponder prior to enrolling in an online MPA program is the quality. The quality of a program can make or break your experience, so you should always review what type of accreditation your program holds before submitting your application.

The agency of choice for public administration programs is the NASPAA - which provides consistent review of online MPA programs currently holding accreditation. You can search for programs through the NASPAA website or simply locate the accreditation information for the program you are interested in to verify.

Public Administration Programs Currently Accepting Applicants

List of Master of Public Administration Programs in Louisiana

Grambling State University

Master of Public Administration (MPA)
Grambling | NASPAA | SACSCC Accredited | Website

The Grambling State University MPA program is offered as a Master of Public Administration with a concentration in one of four different areas of study: Public Management, State and Local Government, Human Resource Management, and Health Services Administration. Fact about the Grambling State University MPA: it is the only accredited MPA program in north Louisiana, and one of only two accredited MPA programs in the state of Louisiana.

Louisiana State University

Master of Public Administration (MPA)
Baton Rouge | SACSCC Accredited | Website

LSU and Agricultural & Mechanical College offers the MPA degree to individuals preparing for a career in public and nonprofit organizations and governments. Some required courses in the program are Public Finance, Statistical Methods for Public Administration, Organizational Analysis, Public Budgeting, and more.

Southern University and A&M College

Master of Public Administration (MPA)
Baton Rouge | NASPAA Accredited | Website

The MPA program at Southern University is accredited by the NASPAA. Concentrations offered are generalist, public policy, health services administration, and non-profit management.

University of Louisiana at Monroe

Master of Public Administration
Monroe | SACSCC Accredited | Website

The Master of Public Administration program at ULM can be completed entirely online, giving working students flexibility. Students complete the program in 12-18 months.

University of New Orleans

Master of Public Administration (MPA)
New Orleans | NASPAA | SACSCC Accredited | Website

UNO offers students a flexible MPA degree program so they can learn advanced skills to serve the public needs. Concentrations available include Nonprofit leadership (NPL), Hazard Policy, and Transportation Administration.

University of Phoenix-Louisiana

Baton Rouge | NCACSHLC Accredited | Website

No longer taking enrollment