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Consider an online MPA program currently accepting applications.

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Learn 100% online with the American University NASPAA-accredited Online Master of Public Administration and Policy. Graduate with your MPAP in 24 months. AU has a top-ranked school for public affairs based in Washington DC. AU has waived the GRE/GMAT requirement through Fall 2022.

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The Master of Public Administration is a program that is geared towards Mississippi residents with the desire to manage public service organizations within society. If you currently live within this state and have the desire to move into a degree program that can teach you the skills needed to take on such a large task, you should seek out MPA programs available within your area.

MPA programs in Mississippi can be found at popular universities such as Belhaven University and Strayer University. Each of these schools provides reliable and thorough MPA programs that can provide you with a skill set for use in the public domain. While most universities within this state are open to students from within Mississippi, there are cities where the population of MPA learners is higher than others. Currently the most popular cities for public administration students is Jackson, Mississippi.


Consider an online MPA program currently accepting applications.

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American University
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Norwich University
Online Master of Public Administration Website
Seton Hall University
Master of Public Administration in Non-Profit Management Website

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Here is a quick list of Mississippi MPA Programs:
  • Belhaven University: Master of Public Administration
  • Strayer University-Mississippi: Master of Public Administration (MPA)

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Are There Online MPA Programs in Mississippi?

If you are considering a MPA program for your future, you should take a look at some of the alternative methods currently available for acquiring your degree. In the past, traditional on-campus programs have been the only option for upcoming students in this field.

Technology has made it possible for students to learn in different environments, most notably the online setting. Online MPA programs can provide you with the same courses and instructors as traditional programs, without the added pressure of attending classes 3-5 days a week or organizing students housing or transportation. Online MPA programs can also result in you receiving the same degree as students that graduate from traditional programs.

When you consider the online MPA for your program, you should do your research ahead of time to make sure you are getting the best deal for your money. There are varying programs currently available that offer great deals for your education in comparison to some for-profit schools being marketed to upcoming students.

NASPAA Accredited MPA Programs

You should also closely review the accreditation of your online MPA program prior to enrollment, since this is an important component in reliability and relevancy in the field. The NASPAA is the top accrediting organization for public administration degree programs in the U.S. If your program has received accreditation, the degree should notate the current accreditation status on its website.

Best Mississippi MPA Programs - Online and Campus


Consider an online MPA program currently accepting applications.

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Johns Hopkins University AAP
Master of Arts in Government Website
Drake University
Master of Public Administration Website
Aurora University
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Johns Hopkins University AAP
MA in Non-Governmental Organization Management Website
University of Delaware
Master of Public Administration Website
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Master of Public Administration Website
Anna Maria College
Master of Public Administration Website

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Belhaven University

Master of Public Administration
Jackson | SACSCC Accredited | Website

The Master of Public Administration degree program at Belhaven University equips students for increased leadership and management responsibilities within government agencies. In addition to the core MSL classes, students can also earn a concentration in Human Resources.

Strayer University-Mississippi

Master of Public Administration (MPA)
Jackson | MSCHE Accredited | Website

Why consider a Master of Public Administration degree?

Public administration as an individual degree major is extremely diverse. There are many subfields within this program that can totally change the face of the structure and end result of your degree. Some students may find it more beneficial to choose a specialization to go alongside their degree program in order to communicate their interest in one of these subfields and gain additional knowledge that is relevant to public operation within that area.

At the universities within the state of Mississippi, concentration options such as Public Policy, Human Resources, and Healthcare Administration may be offered in an effort to train more professionals for work in these fields.

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