Master of Public Administration Programs in Rhode Island


Consider an online MPA program currently accepting applications.

American University Online MPAP
American University (Online)
Learn 100% online with the American University NASPAA-accredited Online Master of Public Administration and Policy. Graduate with your MPAP in 24 months. AU has a top-ranked school for public affairs based in Washington DC. AU has waived the GRE/GMAT requirement through Fall 2022.

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American University Online MPAP

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There are different routes for you to pursue when you are interested in a career in the field of public service. The most popular route for achieving your goal is through acquiring the MPA degree from universities within your state.

Rhode Island offers a variety of high-quality educational programs for you to choose from at universities like Brown University, Roger Williams University, and the University of Rhode Island.

Enrolling into a MPA program at one of these schools can introduce you to new ideas and concepts pertaining to the field of public administration, as well as prepare you for a diverse career in the public domain. MPA programs can most commonly be found in some of the most popular cities throughout Rhode Island, including Kingston, Bristol, and Providence.


Consider an online MPA program currently accepting applications.

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American University
Online MPAP Website
Norwich University
Online Master of Public Administration Website
Seton Hall University
Master of Public Administration in Non-Profit Management Website

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Here is a quick list of Rhode Island MPA Programs:
  • Brown University: Master of Public Affairs (MPA)
  • Roger Williams University: Master of Public Administration (MPA)
  • University of Rhode Island: MPA

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Considering Similar Degrees or Specialized MPA's

After you have located which university you would like to enroll in, you should then look closely at the degree concentration options available for your MPA program.

Different schools typically have different offerings that can assist you with creating the best possible education experience for the job you are working towards.

Universities throughout Rhode Island offer specialization options like Public Personnel Administration, Public Ethics, Global Policy, and Healthcare Administration. Choosing any of these specialization options could set you on track for an inclusive and influential career within your community.

Best Rhode Island MPA Programs - Online and Campus


Consider an online MPA program currently accepting applications.

University / School Online Program Admissions
Johns Hopkins University AAP
Master of Arts in Government Website
Drake University
Master of Public Administration Website
Aurora University
Online MPA (one year) Website
Johns Hopkins University AAP
MA in Non-Governmental Organization Management Website
University of Delaware
Master of Public Administration Website
Lindenwood University
Master of Public Administration Website
Anna Maria College
Master of Public Administration Website

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Brown University

Master of Public Affairs (MPA)
Providence | NEASCCIHE Accredited | Website

The Master of Public Affairs (MPA) at the Watson Institute is one-year program with an emphasis on analytical skills, global policy, and field experience. Undergraduates also have the opportunity to stay for a fifth year to earn a Master of Public Affairs.

Roger Williams University

Master of Public Administration (MPA)
Bristol | NEASCCIHE Accredited | Website

The MPA program at Roger Williams University teaches students to take on social issues affecting the world. The program offers concentration courses in public management or healthcare administration.

University of Rhode Island

Kingston | NEASCCIHE Accredited | Website

The M.P.A. program at the University of Rhode Island offers professionals with the knowledge that prepares them for management in public policy and administration. Course work covers areas such as program and policy analysis, budgeting and finance, public personnel administration, public ethics, and more.

Online MPA Programs in Rhode Island

Before committing to a degree program within your state, you should be aware of all of the options that might be available to you. Learners in the MPA program may often be current full-time employees of public service agencies that are looking for a way to advance their career or even graduates from other fields that are feeling the need for a career change.

The best way to balance these responsibilities with your desire to advance your education is through online MPA programs. Online programs in this field can offer you the same level of quality and substance as their traditional counterpart, all while allowing you to complete homework and communicate with your instructor at any time of day.

These convenient options might be the final factor in your decision to pursue higher education.

Since online MPA programs are relatively new compared to traditional degree programs, these programs may be under regular review in regards to their quality and field relevance.

NASPAA Accredited MPA Programs

The NASPAA is an accreditation agency that is responsible for ensuring the quality of online MPA programs within your state, making it an excellence resource to have on hand when searching for programs in your area.

Through the NASPAA website, you can seek out accredited online programs in your state, which can help you make the right decision about your degree program prior to enrolling.