Master of Public Administration Programs in Vermont

Colleges that provide educational programs in the field of public administration can be excellent tools for you to utilize when looking for better career options.

The Master of Public Administration may be one of the most profound degrees for Vermont residents that are interested in working with people in their own communities, in an effort to provide them with a better quality of services and supports.

There are 2 universities within this state that can provide you with the MPA that you desire, the University of Vermont and Norwich University. Each of these universities has a long-lasting positive reputation in terms of their quality of education and student success.

Here is a quick list of Vermont MPA Programs:
  • Norwich University: Master of Public Administration (MPA)
  • University of Vermont: Master of Public Administration (MPA)
Click here to jump to the full list. There are a number of online MPA degrees you might also consider. Below are a few online programs currently accepting applicants.

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Consider an MPA Specialization Track

When you are reviewing each of these 2 universities to determine which one might be the better fit, you should take a look at what each offers in terms of degree specializations.

The general MPA degree program could be great for generalist professionals that might be interested in a wide variety of public service professions in the field, but specializations can help you focus on specific areas in the public environment if that is what you wish to pursue.

Some of the potential specialization options provided by these universities include Fiscal Management, Public Administration Leadership, Policy Analysis, and Criminal Justice and Public Safety. There are many different types of careers that could possibly be obtained through completion of one of these popular specialized degree areas.

Online MPA Programs in Vermont

The possibilities associated with pursuing your MPA degree in Vermont can vary depending on what type of career you desire and the type of flexibility you might need in your learning.

Some students within this state may require a high level of flexibility with their degree program in order to effectively manage a busy schedule at home or at work.

Online MPA programs can be a great way to properly balance all of your daily duties and dreams of becoming a more experienced professional in your field. Universities in Vermont can provide you with thorough and reliable online MPA programs that you can attend through a personal computer or laptop while at home. This can provide you with everlasting convenience that can give you the best change of success in your program.

NASPAA Accredited MPA Programs

Online MPA programs have the same set of standards to abide by as the traditional versions of this program. Accreditation agencies must review and accept online MPA programs in order for them to be considered high-quality, making this aspect of online learning important for you to acknowledge. The agency of choice for MPA accreditation is currently the NASPAA.

This organization is responsible for reviewing the curriculum of online MPA programs and regularly reviewing the degree in an effort to ensure its lasting quality. If you are looking at a program for enrollment, we encourage you to locate the accreditation information for your degree prior to submitting your final application.

Public Administration Programs Currently Accepting Applicants

List of Master of Public Administration Programs in Vermont

Norwich University

Master of Public Administration (MPA)
Northfield | NEASCCIHE Accredited | Website

The Master of Public Administration (MPA) program at Norwich University provides military and non-military students knowledge in the public sector. The online program has concentrations in public works and sustainability, criminal justice and public safety, public administration leadership and crisis management, fiscal management, nonprofit management, municipal governance, policy analysis and analytics, and international development and influence.

University of Vermont

Master of Public Administration (MPA)
Burlington | NEASCCIHE Accredited | Website

The Master of Public Administration Program at the University of Vermont offers small class sizes and professional interdisciplinary courses. Several areas of concentration are also offered.